House Rules

1. Arrival is possible until 6.30 p.m.

2. Check out is at 9 a.m.

3. We ask that you let us know in good time when exactly you will be arriving.

4. The garbage is separated. If necessary, waste separation will be explained to you on site. please take care

on waste separation,

otherwise we have to charge extra for the garbage.

This results in additional costs.

5. Please handle electricity, water and heating carefully! Otherwise, an additional payment will be made!

6. Please open the windows after or during showering and cooking.

7. Please shower by 9 p.m. if possible, as you will not be living in the accommodation alone

other guests might feel disturbed.

8. Please take off your shoes in the hallway and clean them outside.

9. Bed linen is usually changed every 14 days.

10. If someone falls ill etc. please let us know in good time which bed is fresh

should be obtained.

11. The terrace can also be used later in the evening (until 9.30 p.m.), this applies

assumes that you are having a conversation at a normal volume.

12. Excessive alcohol consumption and partying are not permitted on site.

13. Smoking is not permitted in the accommodation – all rooms are non-smoking. At

If you violate this, the entire rented apartment must be vacated immediately and you will not receive any

Money back. There is a risk of a hefty fine.

14. Telephone calls are not permitted in the stairwell or courtyard.

15. If you have any complaints or something is broken, please let us know.

We try to help as quickly as possible. Please do not repair it yourself.

16. The cleaner usually appears on Friday. We therefore ask you to leave your belongings in the

to accommodate cupboards and chests of drawers. We assume NO LIABILITY.

17. Make sure to use baking paper and do your own washing up – this is not the case

the job of the cleaner.

18. Food or cooking oil has no place in the sink or toilet!

19. The keys/apartment are handed over in the evening by 6 p.m. or in the morning by 9 a.m. Please

contact us in good time. We also have to plan.

20. You will receive the keys when the apartments are handed over. We would like to invite you on site

Read and sign the handover protocol.

21. After receiving the invoice, it must be paid at least one week before arrival.

Please send us the transfer receipt by email.

22. If another guest of yours is looking for accommodation or you want to increase your accommodation at short notice

Please report this in writing, preferably by email.

If final cleaning is not listed on the invoice you will have to pay additional

Calculate costs for final cleaning.

23. For longer rentals, we charge the final cleaning fee every 3 months.

24. Additional devices (coolers, air conditioning, fan heaters) are not permitted.

25. Registering your personal home address is not permitted.

26. Please lock the entrance doors. We assume no liability.

27. Our staff is entitled to go into the apartments at any time.

28. The deposit is for damage such as (severe dirt/vandalism/severe wear and tear)