House Rules

Disclaimer / Terms

  • § 1 – Lodging Agreement / accommodation contract

The guest contract is legally binding closed when the Einliegerwohnung- / room by the guest writing, via email,
Fax, SMS, or implicitly, has been through a down payment, ordered / booked and confirmed by owner / host in the same form.

  • § 2 – Non-provision of rental property

The host is required to reimburse the guest for non-provision of rental payments made,
if he can offer the tenant no equivalent alternative accommodation.
Compensation is limited to the amount of the contract value.
This does not only acts of God are (z. B. natural disasters, lightning strikes, wars, etc.) which can not be justified by the host.

  • § 3 – Withdrawal / Cancellation / frontloading or late arrival

Cancellations, early departures or late arrivals are not possible in principle – is booked booked!
the guest withdraws from a firm booking or he takes the booked service, for whatever reason,
except in cases of force majeure (illness of passengers or the booker itself, accidents, painted holiday, miss flights,
Freeze etc. are NOT force majeure in this sense) did not, with less people or shorter than originally booked in claim,
the landlord has a legal right to the entire price originally agreed.
No refund or reduction.
This applies mutatis mutandis to advance payments made – this will not be refunded, however, the host voluntarily renounced the rest,
ie the difference between deposit and total cost.

  • § 4 – Reservations

Reservations for more than 3 days at a time at any time, however, with reservations, which more than made up to 7 days in advance,
a deposit of between 30% and 50% of the total amount to be paid in advance. Reservations of 3 days or less are possible only in exceptional cases.

  • § 5 – Optional extension of stay

If the tenant the possibility of an optional extension of stay desired, it should be noted that only the actual (concrete and departure date)
booked and paid period for both parties legally binding and subject of Beherrbergungsvertrages is.
The renewal option, however, is as long as binding on both sides, until the guest his stay over the period booked out, in writing,
extended by e-mail / fax / SMS and the owner of this extension, also in writing, by e-mail / fax / SMS, agrees.
The lessor is so far free of the housing regardless of the extension option at any time to re-let,
if the tenant does not advance the booking period extended binding in the form set forth herein.
If there is such a hire, is the landlord the tenant immediately of the impossibility of renewal in knowledge.

  • § 6 – Payment

The total price is basically in advance upon arrival, payable in cash against receipt, or may be pre-paid by bank transfer.
Credit card payment, retroactive billing or cost acceptance confirmations are NOT possible!

  • § 7 – Arrival

Arrival is possible after consultation between 12 noon and 20 PM.
– Exceptionally, after consultation, the arrival is possible before 12 am and after 20 PM.
Warning: If an appointment for key handover was agreed, the landlord gives the tenant a time window of 2 hours a – that is, if, for example. 17:00 was agreed
the guest can max. arriving 19h, then is for this day NO arrival, EXCEPT,
if the guest phone in time to announce his delay and a later date for the key handover is agreed.
Arrivals after 22:00 are generally NOT possible so that guests who arrive after 22 clock get NO inlet,
must pay anyway for the day and can check in until the next day at a time agreed new.
If the buyer is not a company that booked for its employees, but a natural person / s, then at least
a guest must show a valid identity card, the Owner spot from tax and tort reasons,
is scanned in accordance with legal regulations concerning data protection and deleted in accordance with the statutory deadlines.

  • § 8 – Departure

Departure should be done by 11 am, so the apartment for / next host guests can be cleaned /.
A final inspection is presented, since all the furnishings and furniture by the landlord and mind. A witness,
is each morning are inspected and photographed before a key handover for completeness, integrity and functionality.
In this respect, the guest does not have to log on departure to the landlord, but can leave the apartments / room keys are on the kitchen table,
pull and return home the door.

  • § 9 – Parking

Directly before the house a free parking space is provided for each apartment and guarantees the reservation.
If more spaces are needed, this is easily possible by prior arrangement.
If only individual rooms booked, a parking space is not for every room in front of the house guarantees BUT within
Max. 100 meters around the house are more than enough free public parking spaces, so parking is not an issue with us.

  • § 10 – Sports equipment

Particularly heavy weights or telescopic rods, which are clamped in door frames and these scratch / bump, or other damages
can cause the home furnishings, are in the house, among other things, for insurance reasons, not allowed!

  • § 11 – Visit / visitor

Our guests rely on their personal belongings will be safe in our home.
Our guests rely on the owner at all times know who is staying under his roof,
and information when required may be about the identity of any person who is staying in the house.
Our guests rely on that the noise level is not unnecessarily increased by strangers in the house and the rest by Feierabend unnecessarily will suffer more
as it is already the case with the paying guests in the house.
Our guests rely on that you do not have to wait in front of the bathroom and / or kitchen, because they are blocked by people,
have lost nothing in the house.
For this reason, foreign visitors may enter strictly prohibited – not only “just short”!
In exceptional cases and only with the consent of the lessor visit may be permitted by strangers exceptional.
If the owner can not be reached and therefore can not be obtained the consent, this is regarded as not given and visit,
especially if the landlord is not in the house, it is not possible!

  • § 12 – House rule

On the inside of each room door our house rules (only generally accepted rules – 6 points) depends from
and in addition once communicated explicitly verbally with each key handover to the guest.
Violations of the house rules lead to a verbal warning and if repeated in the immediate termination of the stay,
without refund.
Exceptionally, the absolute ban on smoking throughout the house, especially in the rooms and
paragraphs listed here 9 & 10 – Violations of this lead without warning immediately to end the stay.
Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking in the apartments is strictly prohibited!
Violations of this lead without warning immediately to end the stay.
Therefore, we are not entitled to deduction, so that our receipts exclude VAT..
Also we have the same reasons no VAT ID and create invoices, but only receipts,
or in advance of reservations, cost claims / offers. Important note for booking!
For legal reasons we only rent to persons with their main residence in Germany.
Exceptions only in special cases (for example, trade fair guests, students, interns, etc., or if the booking registers companies in Germany,
Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary is established and acts as tenant.)

For more information on booking, payment, cancellation refund etc., we recommend the link to “Deutscher Tourismusverband e.V.”

Date: 01.07.2016

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